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Devoting Ourselves to Prayer: Your Morning HUG

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Linda Goldfarb

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Linda Goldfarb is widely recognized as a bold, passionate, and transparent communicator who loves encouraging women, parents, and leaders to choose God’s best in every area of life and she comes alongside to help them do it!


If you are a prayer warrior, committed to prayer, or desire to be faithful in prayer, take 30 minutes during your quiet time today, and listen to this audio on prayer by Linda Goldfarb at…/devoting-ourselves-to-p…

Live Powerfully Now. Be encouraged from the book of Colossians.

Are you devoted to prayer?
How is your devotion played out each week?
Are you concerned that you are not as devoted as you ought to be?
What does the Apostle Paul tell us about making prayer a daily precursor to God-Moments?