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When is Patricia not creating? She gravitates toward the artsy and inspirational, and she embraces a God-honoring vision to share messages of hope and forgiveness in Christ. She promotes innovative teaching and journaling through life. After hubby’s retirement, she began quietly penning an inspirational fiction series, that is, until she discovered Instagram, hashtags, and bullet-journals.

After marriage to her best friend Marvin in 1989, sketching transformed her ideas into remodeling ventures for their home. She drafted house designs and organizational tools for friends, journaled words, and sketched ideas on writing surfaces of all kinds. During self-employment ventures, she produced an original wood and copper wire craft line.

Her affinity for teaching the arts intensified as she home educated her children. Her creative avenues in 2018 included: volunteering as a guest art teacher at Momentum, envisioning and developing inspirational greeting card lines, exploring the fluid medium of alcohol inks, and creating mixed-media paper projects. In addition to reviving the original flavor of her “CopperArts” ephemera, Patricia relishes time for Precepts Bible studies and Scripture illustrations. She hopes to break into the Children’s illustration and writing genres.