JOHN Chapter 5

Day 8.

John 5:1-30 

Gospel of John CH 5 1-30 Day 8 Challenge by Patricia Tiffany Morris

Gospel of John CH 5 1-30 Day 8 Challenge by Patricia Tiffany Morris

“Do you wish to get well?”

This is what Jesus asked the man who was lame. In his case, he was also found to be in sin.

This all happened on the Sabbath. Our Lord Jesus, Our Healer, healed a man on the day no one was to do any work. What does God say in His word about healing on the Sabbath?

Now, it isn’t a guarantee you will be healed physically when you pray for healing. And it doesn’t mean you have sinned, just because you are lame or sick. But it is certain you will be healed spiritually if you seek the Savior and stop sinning.

Seek forgiveness, find the truth in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. “He who hears My word, and believes Him (God) who sent Me (Jesus), has eternal life.” Verse 24.

John 5:1-30.

Jesus doesn’t want us to live in fear and worry. He doesn’t want us to be concerned about our life or destiny. He wants us to know our destiny. To know Eternal Life through Jesus Christ.

READ THE BOOK OF JOHN to learn more about JESUS.

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Day 9.

John 5:31-49

Many days I press through the worries and tasks of my day, and forget it is HIS day. Everyday is His. Praying together on this journey.

As Kay Arthur points out in her precept-upon-precept videos, we need to have a life of total dependence on God.

May the Word of our glorious Lord color our world with hope today.

As we consider Jesus this week and celebrate the resurrection on SUNDAY, I am mindful of how little faith I have some days. I long to grasp the totality of JESUS providing me with ENOUGH. Even fragments were enough to feed the 5000.


I will give thanks today.

I will thank the Lord for the Bread of Heaven, Jesus, God’s son, who brings eternal life and is enough for me.


Although the “March Challenge” by #jesusjournaljunkies will progress long into May, I’m enjoying the opportunity to slow down and visualize the truths, sketching prominent words I want to remember. I thank the Lord for Jesus, God’s son, who brings the free gift of eternal life. Happy Easter. What will you be doing Friday? I pray and hope you find a church to celebrate Easter and Good Friday.

BLESSINGS from Patricia Tiffany Morris

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