JOHN Chapter 3

Day 4: John 3:1-21

Jesus is the Light of the world!

When Jesus answered Nicodemus saying he needed to be born again, how confusing it must have been to him! When I first heard how my sins would be forgiven if I could simply ask God . . . I was surprised and confused. How was I supposed to come to the light of the truth about kingdom of God when I was stuck in the dark? . . . When I could not see the light?

It was only when I shook off the doubts, and believed by faith, I saw heaven as reality. I didn’t need to see with physical eyes. My heart knew the truth, and I was set free and made whole.

Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! Please help those who are like Nicodemus, who don’t see or come into the light to expose their sin. When we drop it all, seek forgiveness, and experience healing, His forgiveness flows like sweet water into our souls.

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#gospelofjohn #jesusjournaljunkies #instauplift🙏#christianinspiration #precepts #biblestudy #sonofman #lambofgod #christianity #christians #biblescriptures #biblereading #biblestudymoments

Yesterday I settled in for a look at my heart and studied Nicodemous, again. My need to simplify crossed my mind and ran into the seams of my love for art and creating. Pulling out a vast army of art supplies and receiving another box from Amazon, do I need yet one more excuse to tie my heart to the earth?

Or am I simply creating with more tools to bring honor to the Lord in even the littlest activities of the day?

I’d like to hope the act of worship in creative process causes me to reflect on other’s needs. I pray I change and refine the focus and purpose of “things” in my life. As I learn new techniques and methods of creating may my one love be Jesus Christ. 

The study of His Word and the treasuring of His presence in my life reign as the supreme act of creating and maintaining the presence of God though my days here on earth. May it be so. 

Thank you Lord.

Day 5: John 3:22-36

The story in John 3:22-36 tells about someone who heard the message of salvation and was sent ahead of Jesus to prepare the listeners for the love which would come to them.

Oh, how I long to have basked in the presence of John as he shouted and begged for people to stop sinning. To wash themselves, a fresh start and all. What would it have felt like to know my life would be forever and completely changed and free from guilt? To know this friend? To be Joy-filled? Hopeful, despite anything I’d done?

I have to believe it’s what most people deep down inside clamor and desire for their lives. John the Baptist proclaimed the Lord was God sent from heaven. Sent to speak the words of God and to be the Word, to bring eternal life.

I want that life. Do you?

Will you believe God is true and has given us all we need to obey Him and receive His gift of heaven?

Seek Him with all your heart and soul and mind today.

#gospelofjohn #gospelofjesuschrist #john3 #eternallife #kingdomofgod #preceptstudy #preceptuponprecept

#gospelofjohn #gospelofjesuschrist #john3 #eternallife #kingdomofgod #preceptstudy #preceptuponprecept