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Austin and his mom, my sister, Cherie

The final hours! Austin engages his mom’s help to apply the glitter accents, and to attach the metal gears on his mixed media map.

Austin is a very special young man. He is my nephew, but he has an extraordinary ability to create and compute in his mind. He has lived with autism, Asperger’s specifically, gracefully sometimes, and always with his brave mom by his side.

This summer, Austin braved uncertainty and comitted to a long term art project with me, his aunt, at Mainframe Studios, at the Momentum Art Studio. He explored various game worlds as well as colorful characters all his life. His experience gaming allowed him insights and vision for his own game.

In 2018, when we began a journey to create a game through art exploration and creative writing, we incorporated digital art, computer searching for images, and brainstorming favorite ideas for his game art. Follow his journey as he works toward an entry or two in Momentum’s juried art show.

AUSTIN and I brainstormed characters for his game. He analyized elements of a variety of familiar games he has played in his young life. His intentional choices of game styles and elements, formed the groundwork for the settings and maps. These maps morphed into 6 islands and a main island town where the characters reside, and consequently propel the storyline as one moves through the game play. His creative mind and clever logic sparkled as bright as the glitter he chose for the final mixed media element on the art map for the Momentum juried art show this fall.

Momentum’s Juried Art Show: October 2018.