Clipped by rainlight I weep velvet butterflies

Swimming in raindoubts blue dances waiver

Rainfrogs jump puddles of sugar and candy

Beat paraddile on daffodils and whip apple strudel

Skip soursweet crayons smeared after each rainstorm

Dissolve lollipops in rainsighs 

Stop searching for dreams

Raindreams are split into gold and then blue 

Turn grayish and rainspoiled

Spills often melt bows.

Should butterflies feast?

Or rainclouds lift daffodils?

Paint canvases crying against singing rainfrogs

Create brilliant paintings

Of soursweet yellowsoft fantasy rainlands

Of daffodils butterflies and rainfrogs

Butterflies drink rain 

Choose sunlight instead

by Patricia Tiffany Morris

(Originally penned in 1979. 6th Revision December 2018)