Wrestling with God: Running to Hope

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Wrestling with God

By Patricia Tiffany Morris

I have lived tired. I have lived tired, hurt, and lonely much of my young life. I have wrestled with words all my life, trying to make sense of any form of hope in an ugly, perverse world.

I’ve wrestled with God, but He always wins in the end. Always…..



Purposely dwelling in His presence takes practice and commitment. Our words can bring hope and healing, or they can stab and cut deeply if we don’t put on His armor. Word-swords. Carry them gently. Raise them, but only when resting in His Word. Meditate on His magnificent love for us. He is enough for today, and He will always be the truth we dare to fight for this side of heaven.


Patricia Tiffany Morris 

Aspiring writer, artistic soul, prayer warrior and teacher