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The Road Home

by Patricia Tiffany Morris

Where the road meets the end of the day, where the sun dips its rays below the horizon, all life continues in time, plodding, sighing, pausing to praise its Creator.

I stop. I stop to pray.

My God, who made all living things, breathes imagination and contemplation into my being.

My Sovereign Lord meets me every minute of each and every day whether I acknowledge His presence or not. He is waiting.

My home away from home.

This road has many turns, sorrow is certain, trials are guaranteed large or small. Yet, hope is set in motion, joy flows in the waters of my soul, and faith is birthed from my confession and repentance of my own sins as I place my trust into His gentle, yet strong hands.

I want that road. Narrow and rough. Difficult and long. But it's His road. His path. His plan for my journey on the way home at the end of my days.


by Patricia Tiffany Morris