Grace, trust, and obedience are often misunderstood. Although I know abiding in my Savior’s love brings joy, it’s not easy lending trust to people. We've all been broken. Had our feelings crushed. As if we could break into countless bits and pieces. Could we learn to embrace friendships that never despise us, never bully us to embarrassing situations or dangerous paths? Certainly, obedience to Jesus has an affection for us no earthly understanding or relationship could possibly fathom. Love, which extends light, not blind hate, reacts and interacts with the wisdom of God. Such hope unseen inspires yielding loyalty to the One who earned our trust. To the One who became my personal Savior and my friend in the spring of 1981.

Friendship with God came to me when the world turned unreliably cold years ago. I had learned to keep a room, a sanctuary, closed to others who might crash into my young world. This room with no view, held no purpose, except to minimize heartaches, boxed, and covered. It soon became too cold to sleep. Unwelcoming. Rain seeped through the long nights, and I could not find blankets to protect, until Jesus covering my soul, warmed my spirit.

I’m not afraid to cry, now. Jesus entered my soul, making a warm, inviting, personal sanctuary for my weary heart, bringing His insistence on love and restoration, just as He had entered the sanctuary for Israel so long ago. I gripped my uncertainty, let loose slightly, regained control only to discover I had to let go completely to reach for His extended hand. I climbed out of the boxed room originally created by me for my safety, and I stepped into a well-lit decision designed for truth and acceptance. Vulnerable, but whole. Alive. Vibrant. Absolute truth proved I was not alone. Trust embraced me and walked with me as a long-lost friend with all the warmth and courage to trust and obey. And to remain in that trust, to abide, and grow. Now and in the future.

I thrive abiding in the safety of God’s sanctuary home. It is peaceful in Christ’s hope of Glory. He brings me out of perceived safety into a living hope, a new life where I can see and breathe freely. A future grace. And He longs to embrace you, too.

Imagine. A life of service and giving and sharing with others who don't know they need a hand out of their small hidden box. Oh, what lovely, comfortable love. My inner joy sings because He found me. Me. Because He brought me out of my bondage to taste the sweet comfort of a future grace by His sacrificial love. He took my place in the room, so I might run strong and fiercely through life, no longer afraid to love through tears


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It’s easy to trust. To experience joy when we possess a window to such a perfect, unending love. Most of us have a place to live and an abundance of food to eat. Some homes are safer than others. Yet if we look beyond our circumstances, if we look up at His promises, and walk through this life holding His hand as we weather the storms, we know Love. We know Jesus. Through His prompting we can see the damaged reflection in another’s eyes. What can we do except trust and obey, extending our hand, our home, or a lunch thrown together in Walmart’s parking lot? The joy this faithful Friend brings to us, when all the world takes and hates and hurts our heart-songs, remains a selfless, welcoming gift to a relationship designed to comfort and heal our broken souls. His hands inspire us to give and love freely, selflessly. Even in the storms of life. A love that returns, remains, and abides as friendship should be our refuge. Our sanctuary in times of trouble and of joy.

I want to trust and obey our living God. I aim to soar on the wings of eagles for as long as I call this world my temporary home. Will you join me in the journey until we reach our eternal home with God?

by Patricia Tiffany Morris

May 2017-original post, Last revised on April 19, 2019