Soul Care When You're Weary

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 Soul Care When your Weary

 by Edie Mahoney Melson

BOOK REVIEW by Patricia Tiffany Morris

Well written! Creative souls will be encouraged to rest in Christ and take away ideas to practice soul care. Not only does the author write to the heart of why we wrestle with stress and troubles, but she gives practical exercises and scriptural truths to help us wade through the messiness of life. Verses are pertinent and timely to each chapter theme. In addition to the quiet call to peace within our restless souls, Edie has opened a Community FB group to further discuss ideas, and she gives 25 more exercises to quiet our souls. After working through these exercises and joining her in a personal chat video for several weeks, one can see the nature of her heart’s conviction to teach soul care and praise the Lord with her gifting and talents. Well done, Edie!

Edie Mahoney Melson  Photo from her website.

Edie Mahoney Melson

Photo from her website.

One of my first Facebook groups proved to be one of the most pleasant experiences of my new writer life. I joined Edie’s Soul Care group, called SOULFUL INK in hopes of gaining some hints on taking care of myself as I felt weary from the daunting task of learning to write.

This pivotal decision exploded my connections with other creative writers—kindred souls—and I soared through the activities and regained my energy to continue writing.

If you need a boost or a kindred community of writing friends, join Edie at her FB community group, Soulful Ink.

Check out her website called The Write Conversation for news, articles, and connections with other writers.


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