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I’d like you to meet a remarkable person. She is an artist, writer and illustrator, and a lovely Christ Follower.

Paige Snedeker is an artist, an illustrator, and a writer. She has an amazing sense of humor and one of the most lovely smiles I have ever seen. She loves Jesus. It’s plain to see when you look at her.

Surrounding Paige, an entourage of interpreters, care givers, her family and friends waiting to meet her surround her wheelchair and move with her as she attends classes at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s conference.


We met online—on zoom—and chatted about artist writer topics. I hadn’t known her published works, her artistic projects, or her health diagnosis as we talked about ideas for artists and writers connections. But I met her passion for life through the miracle of teleconferencing through our laptops. What an amazing experience.

I will post a few excerpts from her website, so you can catch a glimpse into her life, but I’d like you to visit her website and talk with her, yourself, sign up for her newsletter.


Paige is a beautiful soul who has a rare disorder, yet lives purposely for Jesus. If you will take a few minutes out of your day, and bless Paige, comment here and on her blog, and support her work through prayer, financial gifts, or a purchase or commission.

Praise the Lord for artists and writers like Paige. She sings bright shining hope to a dark world. Let’s help her reach even one other person for the Lord today!

Paige painting with her mouth.

Paige painting with her mouth.

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FROM HER WEBSITE: Paige Snedeker, the founder of this organization, desires to tell her story of hope in the midst of adversity. Born with a rare disorder called Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency Type 2, Paige knows firsthand how it takes a community to get through difficult circumstances. Her heart is to share her story of loss and strength to inspire others to overcome their adversities in life. True hope is out there and waiting for you. Click here to learn more.

Autosomal Recessive Diagram from Paige’s website.

Paige health Diagnosis chart.png

Paige meets with Edie Mahoney Melson at a Writer Conference. Several writers and artists enjoy a FB live meeting with Edie’s Soulful Ink FB group. Check it out here.